Small Scale Leases

Our Small Scale Leases

If you are an experienced miner with larger equipment, a small scale mining lease affords you the opportunity to work with Hope Mining Company to choose an area commensurate with your mining equipment and the amount of material you can move through the duration of your seasonal lease.

Examples of equipment for use in a small scale mining lease include suction dredges with suction diameters up to 6″, small wash plants or trommels capable of processing 200 to 250 cubic yards of material per day, and small backhoes or other excavation equipment up to 25,000 pounds. Pumps used to supply water to mining operations up to 4″ discharge diameter are permissible.

Most Hope Mining Company claims within the Resurrection Creek Drainage have approved mining plans of operation. Many areas are proximal to or tie into an existing settling system and most are accessible or closely proximal to established mining roads and/or trail systems. The main camp and maintenance areas are behind locked gates affording above average security for ongoing operations. These amenities afford an equipment or shovel-ready commercial opportunity.

An Alaska State Mining License is required to obtain a Hope Mining Company Lease Agreement for small scale mining operations. Bonding and reclamation may or may not be required by the US Forest Service depending on the agreed upon mining area, the ground to be disturbed as part of the mining operation and other factors governed by Forest Service regulations as they apply to surface mining in Alaska.

You may be provided with a designated camp area that can accommodate tents, a camper, or a reasonably-sized pull-along camper, trailer or motorhome. You may be provided with a construction and maintenance area and an area to place non-permanent storage containers such as a Connex.

Small Scale Leases typically last an entire season in duration although shorter leases can be arranged. All Small Scale Leases are based on one mining season and expire on October 15.