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According to the U.S.Geological Survey the gold in the placer deposits in the Resurrection Creek Drainage originated in quartz veins and igneous intrusions in the slates and graywackes of the surrounding Kenai Mountains. These rocks are of the Cretaceous period and assigned to the Valdez Group. A formation which hosts numerous lode and placer gold deposits. The Valdez Group stretches from Kodiak Island to the south side of the Alaska Mountain Range.

The broad U shaped valleys of the Kenai Mountains were subjected to alpine glaciation in Quaternary time. The large prominent benches along Resurrection Creek consist of material deposited in a short period at the end of the regions last glaciation. These sediments consist of mostly un-stratified and poorly sorted sand and gravel with a few boulders dispersed in it. Because of the rapid deposition the eroded gold was not concentrated, but was distributed throughout the material.

A subsequent drop in relative sea level resulted in streams cutting down into the post glacial gravels to form the present valleys, in the process reworking the gravels and concentrating the gold. On some of the Hope Mining Company properties the gold concentrations are related to a "false bed rock" of yellow-gray glacial clay. This clay layer is of varying thickness and overlays unsorted gravel of relatively the same age and composition. Above the clay layer is a well sorted Quaternary gravel with huge boulders siting right on the clay. Gold occurs throughout the gravel above the clay layer, but the highest pay is in the eighteen inches just above the clay. As you would expect under a big boulder on the clay is found the best gold.

The gold on Resurrection Creek tends to be fine grained and flat. It averages 82-87% gold. The main impurity is Silver. Once in awhile small nuggets are found. Some nuggets have been found with quartz attached. There were before WWII some hard rock gold mines east of Resurrection Creeks, in the Palmer Creek drainage which empties into Resurrection Creek about a mile up stream from our camp. Hope Mining Company has several gold claims on Palmer Creek both placer and lode.

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