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Hope Mining Company, Inc. is a long established Alaskan gold mining company. Established in 1923 in the Resurrection Creek Valley south of Hope, Alaska on the Resurrection Creek Trail.

We are a Registered Alaskan Corporation with approximately 3000 acres of Federal and State mineral claims on the Kenai Peninsula.

Hope Mining Company is a commercial mining company that specializes in gold mining leases. We locate, buy, sell and lease gold claims and can provide placer mining consultation.

The Hope Mining Company Camp is located 20 air miles or 90 road miles south of Anchorage.

Gold was first discovered on Resurrection Creek in 1888.

From 1900 to Pre-War II, approximately 11,000 ounces of gold were recovered. In the post-war period, over 3,200 ounces have been recovered.

The property has potential for future production of 855,504 ounces from shallow deposits (18 feet or less) on the modern creek bottom, from adjacent benches, and in tailings from previous mining.

An additional 2,000 acres on higher benches and in ancient channels could contain another 1,250,000 ounces of gold reserves.

Our Latest Reserves Report. If you wish to download it in Adobe PDF format please click here.

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